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Main Furnace Insulation & Cladding

  • Client: Brikmakers

Caledonia Group were recently awarded the contract to refurbish the thermal insulation and cladding to the main hot air duct between the main furnace and the dryer buildings at Brikmakers Production Facility in Perth WA.

Caledonia were engaged to remove the non-compliant and poorly installed insulation works that had been conducted by a previous contractor and install new, fully compliant insulation and cladding.

The Caledonia team again worked with the client to ensure that all technical and aesthetical requirements were accounted for and achieved.

This work involved the design and geometrical development of large complex shapes that were fabricated and installed to tight tolerances on a tight “shutdown” schedule. Despite working with restricted access, dusty, and extremely hot furnace-like conditions, Caledonia completed these works ahead of schedule and delivered a finished product with a very high level of quality and finish that was well regarded and signed off by the client with a 100% quality compliance.

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