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Rope Access

Efficient. Reliable. Safety First.

Rope access provides a rapid and safe means of access to elevated and otherwise difficult to access areas of client’s plant and equipment. Whether inspecting plant for issues or executing work the speed of access ensures more tool time, less access delays and costs and ultimately faster response times leading to greater availability of clients vital operating assets . Quick installation and removal of rope access systems also make the technique highly suitable for assets which have narrow windows of opportunity to perform maintenance or repairs or may need to be put back into service with little advance notice.

Reliable global and national statistics have consistently demonstrated that rope access is an extremely safe access method especially when compared to more traditional access methods. It’s inherent speed means that there is a corresponding reduced duration of exposure to elevated falls hazards. Caledonia’s unwavering commitment to safety is demonstrated within our rope access division.

Rope Access has multiple applications from fabric maintenance to inspection and from protective coatings to stand by rescue. In industry,  it is common for the cost of creating access to be greater than the value of the work executed from the access created. Rope Access methods address this issue. Caledonia’s Rope Access technicians are skilled and competent tradespeople first and rope access technicians second. In traditional access methodologies different workgroups provide access to others who carry out the task. Rope Access changes the game with the technicians with the trade skills creating their own access. This reduces the number of personnel required for the scope and results in reduced costs associated with expensive travel to sites and pressure on frequently scarce accommodation. Despite the claims of some, Caledonia know rope access is not universally the optimum access solution. Rope Access is only one of several access solutions we provide to our customers. You can rely on our experience and expertise to ensure that we work hard to understand your needs and provide you with the best access solution possible.

Caledonia Group Rope Access

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