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Collaborative Integrated Services for the Industrial Sector

Collaborative Integrated Services for the Industrial Sector ​

Industrial projects have a considerable lifespan – and when the scaffolding goes up, it stays up for a long time! Caledonia Group has designed an integrating service offering for the industrial sector that accounts for extensive timelines and ensures double handling is a thing of the past.

How? Well, our cutting-edge design and engineering suite means we can visualise your project in BIM Virtual Reality to plan for all access needs well ahead of time. By collaborating with your team, Caledonia delivers well-accounted for access solutions supported by tracking systems that give you key information about your project in real-time.

It’s all part of our commitment to industrial innovation.

  • Engineering-led BIM VR design and modelling
  • Team of trade pros on standby
  • Data collection and review for continuous improvement
  • Transparent tracking systems and real-time updates

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