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Build for everyone with Caledonia.

Collaborative Integrated Services for the Defence Industry​
Collaborative Integrated Services for the Defence Industry​

Our Story

Caledonia Scaffolding Services, our founding company, was established in South Australia in 1999. There we forged a path in the industry for over a decade before expanding into Western Australia in 2010, where we began providing access solutions to multiple industry sectors.

Our business identified a need to develop a suite of integrated services with innovation at the forefront of our strategic business plan. So we formed a plan, and a new entity was born.

Today, Caledonia Scaffolding Services is known as Caledonia Group to best reflect our end-to-end integrated service offering – with collaboration, planning and innovation front-of-mind.

We provide scaffolding, full access solutions, insulation, cladding, design and engineering alongside our on-call hireable skilled labour force of scaffolders, sheet metal workers, rope access technicians, riggers, and crane and hoist operators. Our in-house design and engineering team provide the highest quality temporary access and support structure solutions for complex projects, harnessing the power of technology to deliver BIM and Virtual Reality modelling, transparent tracking systems, and lifecycle data collection.

Our headquarters are located in Adelaide, with additional locations in Port Pirie, Central Coast, Perth, Sydney, Darwin, Auckland – housing some 13,000m^2  of facility space and 500+ employees and a full-scale inventory of vehicles, equipment & machinery and materials. Furthermore, we have a state of the art fabrication facility in Henderson, home to the industrial division.

Today, Caledonia Group is arguably one of the largest privately-owned integrated service providers across Australia and New Zealand. Our plans are to maintain continuous growth both geographically and through additions to our service delivery model.

There is an interesting history to why the name Caledonia was chosen. Historically, Caledonia was a Latin name used by the Roman Empire to refer to the part of Great Britain that lies north of the River Forth. This includes most of Scotland. The people that lived there, Caledones, is etymologised by Zimmer (2006) as people that “possess hard feet.” This relates to being steadfast, which formed both the backbone of the original Caledonia Scaffolding Services as well as Caledonia Group today. The two men that started this organisation, met in Scotland and then soon decided to create a scaffolding company with strong quality and safety in its DNA. Caledonia maintains its ties with the United Kingdom through its unique labour agreement.

Engineering-led Design & Modelling

Save time and money by helping us to visualise your entire project from build to decommission. Together, we’ll identify access points and map all possibilities using BIM Virtual Reality Modelling to identify issues prior to mobilisation to site.

Driven By Data

Be sure of the highest quality results across any project or asset lifecycle, big or small, thanks to our process of data collection, review and amendment which embeds continuous improvement based on real life projects.

Build For Everyone

Reduce your risk of unscheduled and time-wasting amendments with our industry-leading planning having accounted for the accessibility needs of all your project workers. In this way, we can deliver a ‘fit for all’ solution.

Scalable And Responsive

Reduce the headaches of unplanned emergencies with a nationwide database of trade-standard professionals, ready to be deployed to the standards you’ll come to expect from Caledonia Group.

Transparent Tracking Systems

Access all the information you need to make better planning and budgeting decisions now and for the future, thanks to our cloud-based project management and scaffolding systems giving you real-time transparent information across key metrics.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our Collaborative Approach is the way we ensure success across everything – from small commercial projects and major greenfield sites to long term maintenance and asset management contracts.
Collaboration is the key to successful construction and maintenance of your assets – big or small. So rather than delivering one part of a project in isolation, we’ve built a system of working that takes a project lifetime approach to save you time and money both now and in future.

With our history of industry-first innovation, you’re always one step ahead in solving your challenges.

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