Insulation & Cladding

Caledonia is a modern insulation and cladding company servicing the industrial, mining, energy, domestic and commercial construction sectors.

The transportation of liquids, gases and industrial products are critical to business, but it creates unwanted energy loss through heat transfer, noise, corrosion, moisture and humidity. Insulation & Cladding are the answers. Both are essential for controlling and maintaining extreme hot and cold temperatures through pipework – and as a bonus, will reduce carbon emissions and save on machinery operating costs.
Our industrial insulation services include
  • Fabrication and installation of cladding
  • Diverse stock of sheet metal and other cladding materials
  • Temperature ranges from -196 degrees (cryogenic) up to +800 degrees
  • Design services, heat loss analysis, thermal flow calculations
  • Personal protection insulation/cladding
  • Thermal and protection painting services
  • Foam glass, glass wool, rockwool and close cell insulation
  • Polyurethane, polystyrene, Aerogel and foam injection

To ensure that all quality and programme objectives are met at every phase of the works Caledonia recognises the need for full-time supervision and planning. Caledonia’s supervisors are experienced personnel with the capacity to manage large thermal insulation contracts on all site including remote locations.

Technical expertise in thermal management

Caledonia’s management and staff are particularly well trained and experienced and are uniquely positioned in Australia for the installation of all types of insulation Caledonia can offer the optimum thermal insulation to meet quality, time and budget expectations throughout Australia.

Structural Cladding

The frontline of defence Structural cladding (sometimes called industrial cladding) is the frontline of defence against damage and wear on a building. Our range of

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Cryogenic Applications

Effective and durable barrier systems At temperature extremes ranging down to -196 degrees Celsius, it is imperative to prevent moisture from entering the insulation system.

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Reusable Insulation Jackets

Removable Insulation Jackets offer real long term savings When used to insulate components requiring accessibility for inspection, maintenance, and frequent operational tasks, the benefits go

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Thermal Insulation

Temperature regulation and noise absorbtion In simple terms, thermal insulation keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Plus, it absorbs noise. Millions of miles

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