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Insulation & Cladding

Caledonia is a modern insulation and cladding company servicing the industrial, mining and energy sectors.

The transportation of liquids, gases and industrial products are critical to business, but it creates unwanted energy loss through heat transfer, noise, corrosion, moisture and humidity. Insulation & Cladding are the answers. Both are essential for controlling and maintaining extreme hot and cold temperatures through pipework – and as a bonus, will reduce carbon emissions and save on machinery operating costs.


We offer the fabrication and installation of metal jacketing and materials. We also supply insulation materials, including foam glass, glass wool, polyurethane, polystyrene and aerogels. 

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Cryogenic Applications

Our cryogenic technicians install high-performing cryogenic insulation systems  for extremely low temperatures.

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Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) can lead to high-cost mechanical repairs, plant downtime and production losses.

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Insulation Jackets

Removable and reusable insulation jackets contribute to genuine long-term savings when used to insulate frequent access components. Components regularly accessed for inspection or maintenance will benefit from this simple, low-labour insulation. 

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To ensure that all quality and programme objectives are met at every phase of the works Caledonia recognises the need for full-time supervision and planning. Caledonia’s supervisors are experienced personnel with the capacity to manage large thermal insulation contracts on all site including remote locations.

Technical expertise in thermal management

Caledonia’s management and staff are particularly well trained and experienced and are uniquely positioned in Australia for the installation of all types of insulation Caledonia can offer the optimum thermal insulation to meet quality, time and budget expectations throughout Australia.

Types of Insulation We Provide


Rockwool insulation won’t burn, or release toxic gases or smoke when exposed to high heat. Smoke kills – fire produces toxic fumes and these fumes rise, so danger increases at high levels. Rockwool resists temperatures of up to 2150 F without burning or melting. 


Foam Glas

Foam Glas insulation is ideal for insulation systems that are either much higher or lower than the ambient temperature. Celullar glass shines in cryogenic applications due to the closed cell structure from its manufacture. This closed cell insulation means that it is impermeable to water vapour or liquid.

Pyrogel XTF

Pyrogel® XTF aerogel blanket insulation is designed to provide exceptional passive fire protection and superior thermal performance in a thin, lightweight format. Tested to the most stringent fire-protection standards, Pyrogel XTF delivers hydrocarbon pool-fire protection for up to 4 hours, and jet fire protection up to 2 hours. It can also be used to meet the requirements of API 521 for the sizing of pressure relief systems. 

Cryogel Z

Cyrogenic temperatures present challenges that need to be overcome if the insulation material will stand up to the harsh conditions such as temperature cycling and frost heave. It is important that the insulation is installed with a degree of care to ensure that cold spots do not form, and that moisture ingress is prevented. Since Cryogel Z is thinner than traditional insulation products it can be installed in locations where access is limited. 

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