Design Engineering & VR

Critical success factor

The design and engineering of access scaffolds and supporting structures is increasingly becoming one of the critical success factors in many of our projects.

With safety being the priority, our engineers and designers make use of digital modelling technology and combine years of experience with the world’s most sophisticated scaffold systems to engineer:

● 3D Animations
● Virtual Reality designs
● Code regulated and compliant access structures
● Safe loads and spans
● Mobility and cranebility
● Attachment, hanging or free-stand buildings
● Industrial and marine structures
● Cyclone resistant and rated structures

Our in-house CAD and engineering services are available on contract to all clients. Along with highly detailed documentation and drawings, we also provide animations demonstrating the construction, movement and deconstruction of the access structures to prove concept and enable visualisation of the entire project from start to finish.

By importing Revit, Navisworks or CAD files into our own design software, our engineers can create millimetre-accurate designs that facilitate access requirements across multiple platforms. The use of VR technology also enables clients to walk the design in real time to inspect its viability prior to construction.

A full menu of options is available within the VR Prospect software to enable wide-ranging interaction with the model. A major benefit of this technology is that the client and designer can work together, making live amendments to a design remotely.

The use of 3D animations and VR technology positions Caledonia as an industry leader in this field and further enhances our overall suite of integrated services offered across multiple industry sectors.

Our team’s Design Engineers are Members of the Institution of Engineers Australia (MIEAust) with many years of combined experience in the field of structural design and construction.


Building Information Modelling helps us improve the way we design, construct and manage our projects. BIM is a crucial part of risk management, facilitating the identification of hazards and planning against them from day one whilst developing an accurate schedule of work and library of materials and components.

3D Animations

3D animations are the norm for Caledonia, forming an essential part of our overall service delivery model, whilst bringing a typical standard drawing or design to life.


Caledonia Group offers digital twin services to help clients understand how personnel will interact with their access management structure. Designed for real-time operational response, a digital twin can give data on the current state of your structure and can help to optimise your onsite operations.

Virtual Reality Designs

By harnessing the power of virtual reality, our clients can perform a full walkthrough of their access management solution. It provides an opportunity to ‘de-bug’ a design prior to the build process, which in turn delivers significant cost efficiencies

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