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Adelaide Airport

  • Client: Artlab Australia

Scaffolding was required by Artlab to enable the re-location of Vicker’s Vimy at Adelaide Airport Limited. Vicker’s Vimy, an old plane that was the first to fly from England to Australia, has been grounded at Adelaide Airport for more than a century! It’s weight is over 3 tonnes and it spans over 20 metres wide.

Placing scaffolding around such a delicate plane required a great deal of consideration and planning. Our Leading Hand, James Cartwright, and Advanced Scaffolder Luke R. carried out a mock set up of scaffolding with our client, conducted over 2 days at Caledonia Group’s Yard. “This was one of the most delicate jobs that I have worked on”, says James. The mock set up of scaffolding went well allowing correct millimetre precision and to establish trust with our client, Mr. Miles. “The result [from Caledonia Group has] really met Artlabs’ expectations”, says Mr. Miles.


Photo Credits to Adelaide Airport Limited.

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