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Prominent Hill Mine Site

  • Client: OZ Minerals

In 2009 Caledonia were engaged on an ad hoc basis to provide scaffolding services at OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Mine site.

The ad hoc service progressed to be a permanent service under a contractual arrangement. At Prominent Hill Caledonia are responsible for scaffolding for continual maintenance of the plant and mine site, as well as plant operation which includes forklift and gantry crane operation.

Part of Caledonia’s responsibilities include planning and coordinating the scaffold requirements for all routine shutdowns, which are scheduled every 13 weeks, as well as dealing with emergent work, breakdowns and more. The shutdowns normally involve about 16-20 men, working days and nights.

Caledonia’s contract with OZ Minerals has been reviewed and extended each time it has expired.

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