Olympic Dam

  • Client: BHP Billiton

In 2008 Caledonia were engaged on-site at the Olympic Dam as a sub-contractor on the Tails Leach Circuit Upgrade.

In June 2012, due to the volume of ad hoc work Caledonia were chosen to become the main scaffolding contractor on site and we were awarded a contract with BHP Billiton to provide shutdown and project scaffolding services.

Since that date, Caledonia have been involved in planning and coordinating several significant smelter shutdowns, as well as carrying out other random works. Maximum numbers of men peaked on-site at 75, and scaffolders, riggers, welders and crane operations were involved in one project in 2009.

Caledonia are also well known for successfully undertaking several high risk projects on site, such as scaffolding the 100m high sulphur dioxide stack. Last but not least, the company has an excellent safety record on site.

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