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Kings Square One

  • Client: John Holland

Caledonia is engaged in scaffolding works for John Holland at the Kings Square 1 development in Perth CBD. John Holland was looking for access to the tower crane at building level 13 (approximately 50m in height) to facilitate safe and simple access to the crane tower to save the crane operator a climb from the ground several times a day. Caledonia were contacted for assistance and set to work designing just what was asked for – ‘a safe and economical solution’.

Caledonia’s brilliant concept included installing the Layher Allround product using the cantilever installation method. Two starting bays of the scaffold were propped and secured between floors 13 and 14 and then cantilevered 9 meters out of the building to bridge the distance to the tower crane.

The Allround cantilever method allows the scaffolder to always work behind handrails, using a harness only as a secondary safety measure.
This is another example of how the team at Caledonia works with the Layher Allround product, from designers to engineers to the experienced scaffolders building the jobs.

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