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John Holland Urban Superway

  • Client: John Holland, MacMahon & Leed

The Urban Superway’s joint venture between John Holland, MacMahon & Leed is South Australia’s most complex engineering road construction project to date and Caledonia are proud to be a major part of it.

The 4.8km corridor comprises an elevated roadway that spans 2.8km from the Port River Expressway to Regency Road. It will place traffic an average of 19 metres above ground level and is held in place by 68 piers. It should be noted that a constant safe flow of traffic continues around this work site as construction takes place.

Caledonia has assisted in the construction of all 68 piers on this project, as well as in other areas. At its peak, 900 tonnes of scaffolding was in place. Caledonia’s staff work on a 24-hour basis and consistently deliver complex access/egress solutions to the project.

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