Adelaide Desalination Plant

  • Client: Adelaide Aqua

In In 2009 Caledonia were one of the first contractors engaged on site by Adelaide Aqua at the Adelaide Desalination Plant and one of the last crews to leave after the construction phase was completed.

Caledonia remained on site during commissioning of the plant, and now provide regular maintenance services. The construction project was a huge success for Caledonia, having completed in excess of 250,000 man hours with zero LTI’s and erecting, tracking and dismantling approximately 4000 scaffolds.

Scaffold erected on site peaked at just over 1,000 tonnes and work was on going 24 hours a day for months on end and included marine work on barges & helipads, confined space work in shafts and tunnels as well as high risk work around sensitive areas of plant.

Numbers on the job peaked at 55 scaffolders and riggers. The crew were also fully backed up by a dedicated on site admin team, responsible for tracking all costs/scaffolds etc. This system was used on more than one occasion by Adelaide Aqua to provide documentary evidence that enabled them to back charge other contractors on site where appropriate.

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