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  • Client: Santos

1999-2000 Tirrawarra Compressor upgrade

2000 Moomba Projects Various

2001 Toolache Compressor move to Moomba North

2002 Moomba Train 7 Shutdown

2003 Moomba Flares Shutdown

2004-2007 Moomba Labour Support on behalf of Transfield

2005 Port Bonython Shutdown Transfield

2005 Ballera Removal of PSA Engine

2007 Moomba TPO Transfield

2008 Train 5 Shutdown Transfield

Various works at Mereenie, Jackson and Ballera, including the 2011 Ballera Shutdown

Various works at Port Bonython, including on-going direct works for Santos

Services included scaffolders, riggers, crane operators and hoist operators.

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